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The Story of Sweetgrass

Sweetgrass is long believed by Native Americans to dispel negative energy and elicit emotional strength. Sweetgrass is widely used by North American indigenous people in peace and healing rituals.

Sweetgrass Braid

Sweetgrass is dried and made into braids and burned as incense during ceremonies or given as a gift of good will.

Sweetgrass Folklore

Natives of the Great Plains believe Sweetgrass was the first plant to cover Mother Earth. The plant is a reminder to respect the Earth and all things it provides.

Spiritual Use of Sweetgrass

Sweetgrass is used for purification, as oblations to ancestors, for protection of spirits, and keeping out of evil and harm. Sweetgrass is used in a variety of peace and blessing ceremonies.

Historical Use of Sweetgrass

Sweetgrass was widely used for herbal, cosmetic and aromatic purposes. The grass blades were soaked in water and used as a hair wash.

Sweetgrass has a clean, fresh fragrance like a gentle wind on the great American prairie.